Our Vision is to harness the power of complexity science to create more resilient global markets. Our Mission is to redefine risk.

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Rick Bookstaber, PhD

  • Renowned expert in financial risk management, leading the industry for over 35 years
  • Currently the chief risk officer for the University of California Office of the CIO
  • In 1984 he inaugurated the chief risk officer role at Morgan Stanley and then at Salomon Brothers in 1994, and was chief risk officer at Moore Capital and Bridgewater
  • Post 2008 crisis he served in the U.S. Treasury developing risk models to assess vulnerabilities and help stabilize the U.S. financial system
  • Author of The End of Theory (Princeton University Press, 2017) and A Demon of Our Own Design (Wiley, 2007)
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Alicia Karspeck, PhD

  • Climate modeling and initialized climate prediction research for over 12 years
  • Ensemble data assimilation and verification of probabilistic forecasting
  • Co-founder of SK Analytics, a commercial venture focused on providing real-time forecasts of infectious disease
  • Lead scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Global Change Fellow
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Govinda Quish

  • Founder of Quish & Co. AG, a private Zurich based investment office working for the interests of European families
  • Served as Investment Fellow and Senior Risk Management Professional for University of California Office of the CIO
  • Has developed risk and portfolio management models for institutional asset managers and family offices such as the Mellon Family Office, SAP Family Office, and Synergy Fund Management
  • 20 years of investment management experience spanning the US, London, Zurich, and Hong Kong
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Jeffrey Roush

  • A leader in the development of institutional wealth management services for over 30 years
  • Pioneering team member at Charles Schwab helping to build what has become the industry's foremost model for wealth management services and sales
  • Key executive roles in launching Fidelity and Credit Suisse First Boston institutional advisory platforms
  • Served on the executive management committee and board of directors for Bank of Montreal, Harris Bank, MyCFO, and Credit Suisse First Boston
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Nicholas Rinard

  • Employee #1 at Talagent - involved in Product Management, Model Development, App Development and Marketing
  • Biotech and Pharma fund analyst focused on fundamental analysis, options trade design, risk management and reporting
  • Managed post graduate team in testing ti-sapphire crystals and built components for high intensity lasers at KM Labs
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Tim Kochis

  • CEO of Kochis Global and former CEO and Chairman of Aspiriant, he has been a leader in the Wealth Management industry for over 40 years
  • Served as President and Chair of the Financial Planning Standards Board
  • Serves on the Board of Trustees for Charles Schwab Strategic Trust-CSIM and the University of San Francisco
  • Serves on the Board of Directors at The Asian Foundation, Asian Art Museum, and The 1990 Institute
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Ashby Monk

  • Executive Director and Research Director of Stanford University's Global Projects Center, focusing on financial innovation
  • Co-Founder and Chairman of Long Game Savings
  • Works with pension and sovereign wealth funds on design, governance, and social accountability
  • Serves as senior research associate at the University of Oxford

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